The Puttermans Are in the House

Sammy and Matty are the Putterman twins—the perfect team of two. But Matty has a secret he’s not ready to share with his family yet, and he suddenly quits baseball and stops talking to his sister. With their twin telepathy broken, Sammy doesn’t know what to do without her teammate.

Becky Putterman is sick of her family only cheering for her cousins Sammy and Matty. They all used to be friends, but since everything became about the twins, Becky’s felt left out. With her bat mitzvah around the corner, she hopes it’ll finally be her turn in the spotlight.

But then Hurricane Harvey hits Houston, and the twins’ house is damaged in the flood. Their family moves in with Becky’s, putting all nine Puttermans under one roof indefinitely. Sammy, Matty, and Becky need each other now more than ever, but as their grief, anger, and uncertainty grow, can they find a way to glue their family back together?

Due out from HarperCollins 1/17/2023!